After every five years, the time for general election comes in Bangladesh, bringing with it a fresh season of despair and uncertainty. From November 2013 to January 2014, the nation was passed through sheer horror and uncertainty due to the ongoing fierce political unrest that sparked from a couple of issues.

Recently, the chronic violent political demonstration by the opposition allies started posing threat to the lives of common people. Random usage of handmade bombs on streets forced many to be blind and cut off physical organs, while patrol-bombs, hurled on running vehicles, burnt several people alive.

The unconscionable political demonstration by the opposition parties and the illogical stance of the government are endangering the common people who are now the worst victim of this dirty political game. They talk about democracy, they talk about freedom, they talk about human rights, but where is their ideology when these half-burnt people moan on hospital beds? Where is their democracy when people die burning alive in running bus? 

Till now the death toll from Dhaka Medical Burn Unit is 391 and the number of injured victims are 21,574. “Shame on our dirty politics where power is more important than the welfare of people. Here in Bangladesh, people are the puppets in the hands of our political leaders” – said one of the victims of present political demonstration.
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