Located on the delta of the Ganges river, Bangladesh is a country of waterways. There are around 300 rivers in the country, which make up 15,000 miles of waterways in the South Asian nation, which is referred to as the "land of rivers." These waterways are used more than roads or rails for transportation.

However, poorly designed transport boats, negligent maintenance, recruitment of unskilled boat drivers, and the overloading of transport vessels are all leading to catastrophic boat disasters, which have killed thousands.

River transport is particularly popular among Bangladesh's poor, as it is much cheaper than overland transport. As a result, most victims of riverboat disasters come from poor backgrounds, so they have no choice but to travel by boat. Many of those who require transport in the first place are the primary breadwinners of their families, as they need to travel to and from work. Therefore, those most affected by these tragic disasters are some of Bangladesh's most vulnerable. Many of those killed leave behind dependent and impoverished families.

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